Setting Industry Standards
Our History

Setting Industry Standards

Since SSESGAS came out in 2018, we strive to deliver the best quality products at the

most affordable prices and deliver them to our customers at the earliest time

regardless of where the customers are located.



Satisfied customers worldwide and growing

About us

Hello and welcome to the SSESGAS.COM website, a place to provide you with the Australia’s largest and most reputable brand to fulfill all of your whipped cream needs.

“SSES Cream Charger” is not only used for whipping cream, but also can provide you with a variety of uses for cooking, so as to satisfy the increasing expectations for an interesting kitchen experience from you!

By applying our well-known brand SSES cream chargers into your cooking, you will gain the top-quality perfect fresh whipped cream with over ten variety of flavors.

In this way, whether you want to make a sweet cake or a creamy coffee and tea drink, you can perfectly achieve it.

At SSESGAS, we spare no effort to provide unlimited support to our customers or our distributors.

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding   SSESGAS products or would like to have a customize your own flavour, please feel free to contact us via our 24-hour online chat customer service or email us via

  If you are interested in representing selling our products, would like to place a bulk pallet order of stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us, a member of our nice experienced sales specialist Claudia or Ryan will be more than happy to help you.

We will provide the unlimited support as much as possible: including providing you with the pre-sale product promotional material, speedy delivery services on the same day after you place the order, and integrated follow-up of all after-sales.

Est. 2018

Why choose us?


By choosing us, you are choosing one of the strong manufactures from P.R.C that no more than ten legal cream charger manufacturers in the world that have complete legal production qualification, follow the world class standard to provide our distributors first-class quality at the fully competitive prices. Our own manufacturer can supply more than 15,000,000 pieces on monthly basis, and had successfully exported our cream charger products to more than 50 countries (with all product quality test reports and qualifications document approved by CE and FDA), and work closely with our representative of SSESGAS brand from more than 5 countries.


With our high-quality product quality, innovative cream flavours and efficient delivery service, SSESGAS has been favored by many local Australian restaurants and bars. They purchase SSESGAS cream chargers for rapid flavour infusions to create to the unforgettable tasty drinks, cocktails, foams and mousses, food seasonings, etc.

Core Values

Charge purer, charge more

Fast Shipping

Same day dispatch from Sydney for any order before 2PM

Night Life

Save time and money, with more gas per charger than other leading brands! Will turn 0.5L of whipping cream into a far greater volume than mechanical whipping, with 0.5L of cream making up to 1.5L of whipped cream.

High quality

Our SSESGAS products are made of the highest–quality materials and are engineered to the highest standards, reflecting in over 60 years’ manufacturing expertise. Our cream chargers are made of recyclable steel.