Australia’s leading supplier of SSESGAS whipped cream chargers.

The home dairy market continues to rise. With these opportunities come challenges, such as dealing with the higher demands for convenience foods and products that are quick, safe, and hygienic. The creamy topping on your favourite dessert is easy to make with whipped chargers.

Many convenience foods are becoming more popular in the market today. One of these is pastry products, which are very good for filling in pies, tarts, and other desserts. Whipped creams, which can be used in place of dairy cream, is also an ideal alternative. With the right ingredients and equipment, you can whip up a delicious, creamy topping within minutes.

Using suitable chargers (at the correct pressure) is essential for great results and can make all the difference. To create various flavours, one can even get more creative and add other ingredients, such as essence or fruit puree. You will need to pour the whipped cream into an airtight container and place it in your fridge for up to 1 week or in your freezer for up to three months.

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Whipped cream chargers:

Whipped cream chargers are also known as aerosol whipped cream chargers. They are explicitly designed to be used with aerosol whipped cream dispensers, simplifying usage and ensuring the correct pressure is provided to ensure the best outcome.

Whipped cream chargers are available in various sizes, with the most popular size being the 7g size. This is a convenient size, providing enough cream for a quick dessert or snack for a few people.

Whipped cream chargers are often available in a box of 10, with a convenient carrying handle.

Whipped cream chargers

The advantages of using whipped cream chargers include: 

  • Whipped cream chargers are lighter than the traditional whip cream dispensers. This makes them easier to transport and use, mainly when catering for large groups of people such as at a party.
  • A whipped cream charger provides the correct pressure for use with an aerosol whip cream dispenser, preventing wastage. It does not need to be pumped up before each use, as with traditionally whipped cream dispensers.
  • Whipped cream chargers are simple to use, providing fresh whipped cream with no effort required. The traditional whip cream dispenser requires the user to pump it up before each use and then clean it. However, one does not need to do so with whipped cream chargers.
  • Whipped cream chargers are pretty inexpensive and can be used many times. This makes them very cost-effective in the long run compared to other alternatives such as whipping cream in a bowl or using canned whipped cream.

Whipped cream chargers at SSESGAS:

Are you looking to buy whipped cream chargers? SSESGAS is Australia’s largest supplier of whipped cream chargers and can offer bulk prices. Available in various quantities, including in boxes of 10. With high-quality food-grade materials and premium manufacturing techniques, SSESGAS has become the leading supplier of whipped cream chargers.


Whipped cream chargers provide a convenient and straightforward way of providing fresh whipped cream and catering to the growing demand for convenience foods. Whipped cream chargers are also cheaper than traditional whip cream chargers, making them an ideal choice for any business.

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