Cream charging with SSESGAS doubles your speed and halves your efforts.

The traditional method of cream charging is to whip the cream until stiff peaks form, then gradually incorporate sugar until all the sugar has dissolved. After the cream has been whipped, the custard must be held for some time to ensure all the sugar has dissolved. Then it can be used as required.

The traditional method risks whipping the cream, which will cause it to “split” where small lumps of butter are formed; this cannot be used for cream charging. This might pose some risk because it will cause small amounts of lumps to be dispersed into the mixture and could cause it to fail.

After extensive research on the causes of split cream, the causes were incorrect whipping time and unstable sugar distribution.

Cream charging doubles your speed and halves your efforts:

The SSESGAS doubles your speed and halves your efforts by allowing you to incorporate all the sugar into the cream before whipping. This results in a cream that does not split and has no lumps of butter, which can be used to double the speed at which you will be able to charge your cream.

This results in a rapid and efficient method for charging cream, which can be applied to any cream, quickly and efficiently getting you on with the critical part of your dish. The SSESGAS cream charger is sold exclusively in restaurant supply shops in Australia. It comes with plastic cups to fit the batter dispenser and a charger holder with eight flavours of SSESGAS.

Cream Chargers Sydney

SSESGAS Cream Charger Features:

• Cuts down the chances of over whipping cream:

The SSESGAS cream charger is equipped with a mechanism that regulates the flow of sugar, allowing you to add the exact amount of sugar required.

• Effectively charge creams without any lumps:

The SSESGAS cream charger allows you to add the sugar before whipping, ensuring that it is dissolved before whipping starts.

• Quick and efficient:

Adding sugar to the bowl first allows you to whip straight away, not wasting time waiting for the sugar to dissolve. This is extremely helpful in busy kitchens where every second counts!

• eight flavours of SSESGAS:

Cinnamon, vanilla, hazelnut, pure cocoa, and double chocolate. The perfect flavours to add to your cream chargers.

• Safety mechanism:

The safety mechanism means you will not be able to overwhip your cream or charge it incorrectly. The SSESGAS cream charger is easy to use ideal for new or beginner chefs.

• Easy to clean and fast to use:

It disassembles for easy cleaning and sterilization. The SSESGAS cream charger allows you to charge your cream faster and more efficiently, giving you better quality finished products. It is beneficial in busy kitchens where time is money!


The SSESGAS cream charger is a must-have for any commercial kitchen. It will save you time and money on every purchase of cream. Traditional methods of charging cream are slow, inaccurate, and not consistent. 

The SSESGAS cream charger will cut your time in half to charge cream, which will allow you to get on with the critical part of your dish, rather than wasting time. It is also perfect for beginner chefs who don’t have experience in large commercial kitchen environments. In addition, it is straightforward to use and will prevent the over whipping of cream.

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