How To Become SSES Nangs Cream Chargers Distributor

The most common purpose of nangs cream chargers is to make whipped cream while using whipping cream or heavy cream. Distinct colors and flavors may also be added if desired. There are various culinary uses of cream chargers apart from whipped cream and to create flavored foam purees and liquids can be mixed with a little gelatin. The dispenser is usually kept in ice water for about 15 minutes before serving the cold foams and to make hot foams, the dispenser is placed in warm water.

Cream Chargers Flavors

Whipped Cream Chargers needs to be top-quality and they can be used in various places like in homes, coffee shops, hotels and Caterers. Each charger has 8g of pure nitrous oxide (N2O) which is perfect for creating a rich, fluffy consistency without any oily residue. All the chargers of SSESGAS are made up of fully recyclable stainless steel, so they’re eco-friendly on the planet and kind on your palette. SSESGAS also provides a next day delivery, especially for those who have last-minute whipping requirements and also deliver on Saturday.

New favorite in Restaurant & Kitchen

SSESGAS is a reputed and experienced manufacturer of cream chargers nangs. These top-quality cream chargers have the highest quality nitrous oxide and are also refined in a shinier, zinc coating that makes them the favorite accessory for any kitchen.

And what’s more, they not only provide supplies from the direct manufacturers but also have license agreements with distribution rights in various places like – the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia and assure the lowest possible prices. All the cream changers and dispensers are CE & FDA Certified.

Process of buying cream chargers


N2O Cartridges – SSESGAS and OEM brands

C02 Cartridges – SSESGAS and OEM brands

– Whipped Cream Dispensers – OEM brands

who ssesgas are

Locality Focus –While appointing the distributor, it is important to consider state, country or city.

The products provide market-leading quality and a lucrative pricing structure.

Being an SSESGAS  distributor, you will be granted constant access to stock, which is available both by the pallet and container. Wholesale pallet orders usually start from only 1 pallet with large discounts for advanced pre-orders.

The prime reason is the rising demand for the products that’s why they look for location-specific worldwide distributors who are better placed to meet local customer demand.

Factory Environment


The SSESGAS products are generally made of the uppermost quality materials and are engineered by the professional team of experts to the highest standards. Manufacturers’ compliance standards & certifications such as  CE, FDA, ISO22000(2005), ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 14001 and agreement with TUV, NSF and HACCP.


An individual needs to be active in one or more of the following business sectors, Life-Saving Equipment, Food and Beverage, Medical or Beauty Procedures, Sports and Leisure.

It is also important that an individual will be currently registered with the relevant government tax departments and able to provide the registration details for invoice reasons on request.

A person needs to be ambitious and can handle high order numbers. An organization must also be willing to grow and able to send the business growth plans, facilitated by the supply of the products.

They only consider the application for a distributorship once you have sent the due diligence processes for prior approval, which should comprehensively have detailed documentation when it is used for reselling.

They also require full disclosure and details of sales channels and all appropriate marketing materials for approval plus the guidance notes and policies required by the customers.

Pure ssesgas


You will be glad to know that the wholesale cream charger & dispenser distributor opportunities are available globally. It entirely depends on the present status and country of residence and they also have exclusive country distributorship rights to distribute to the right agency.


If you are also looking for a source to buy Nangs, then you have come to the perfect place, where you can buy Nangs creamily at economical rates. The team is working day and night for achieving the tag of SSES delivery services with the lowest and fastest player in this line. SSESGAS provides the best quality canisters delivery in Australia and can quickly make your favorite dish with whipped cream dispensers.

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