How to identify the genuine SSES cream chargers?

Cream chargers make a very crucial and valuable tool for cooking. Especially when baking or cooking something sweet, cream chargers are helpful. The requirement for cream chargers in the market is enormous. And so does the production. You can easily find several cream chargers in the market. All of their claims are to be the best and most helpful. However, that’s not the actual case scenario. Plenty of them doesn’t even do the job. And a lot of them have hazardous built qualities which are edible. That’s why SSES comes forward with the best possible solution. 

We offer high-quality cream chargers which you can use for various cooking purposes. SSES makes sure that the built and quality of the cream chargers are always up to the mark. We have maintained a legacy of the finest cream chargers in our collection for years. However, the market is flooded with other cream chargers options. So if you are wondering how you will choose the genuine SESS cream charger, then here we are to help you. 

We will discuss a few crucial points that will help you determine genuine SSES cream chargers.

Right logo

SSES has its authentic logo, which we share with no other manufacturers. Our logo comprises a triangular design with a bright shade of the purple palette. The logo also has a few structural designs inside it. So, whenever you buy cream chargers of SSES, make sure that they have an authentic logo design. You can compare it by using the website reference also. 

Flavour cream charger’s brand new silver-blue appearance

Compared with the first generation of the SSES Flavour cream chargers with silver outer appearance, the second-generation professional version of the SSES Flavour cream chargers will be replaced by a new shiny silver-blue appearance, as shown in the website.

Designed and developed in Australia

The cream chargers of SSES are designed and developed in Australia itself. So whenever you buy an SSES charger, make sure that it has a label of manufacturing place. The label should state designing and developing inside Australia. Without the label, the cream charger might not be a genuine piece. 

Five Flavours family combo set

Product number

Every piece comes with a product number. Looking for a product number while buying the cream charger is also a great way to ensure that the cream charger is genuine. The product number is mentioned on the packet or sometimes on the charger itself. 

Standard fitting

We manufacture our chargers in a universal fitting structure. Moreover, it enables a cream charger easily with all other tools. Higher tool compatibility makes its use easier. So make sure that the cream charger has a standard 8g fitting. 

Steel built

We don’t use any other material or metal like iron, aluminum, etc., to make our cream chargers. Instead, we use edible quality recyclable steel in making our chargers. So before buying SSES chargers, make sure they are composed of steel.

SSES chargers

Zinc coating

Our whipped cream chargers come with an outer zinc coating. This helps in preventing corrosion. All our SSES cream chargers have an outer zinc coating which makes them different from other cream chargers. 


To find out genuine SSES cream chargers:

  1. Check the logo and the steel building.
  2. Confirm that it has a product number.
  3. Look for a zinc coating and develop the label. The fitting should also be of standard 8g.

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