How To Use SSES Whipped Cream Chargers? With Fixing Tips

Even since the SSES cream charger was launched, with its excellent quality and affordable price, it quickly gained the favor of local coffee shops and consumers in many regions such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia. What’s more, the innovative development of the multi-flavored cream charger has also created fruity flavors for the cream itself, which also adds fun to the kitchen experience of our consumers. Maybe there are still many consumers in need who are still unfamiliar with this product. This blog will tell you more and hope it can be helpful to you.

A frothy drink topped with freshly whipped cream can give you the ultimate pleasure. You might have enjoyed this drink in the nearest coffee shop. However, the secret behind the whipped cream is that the cafes use whipped cream chargers and dispensers. Your hands can go numb when you whisk the cream manually. By using the innovative tools, you will find something better than the hand-whipped cream. However, you may not have the idea of using the whipped cream charger.

The SSES cream charger refers to a steel cartridge, which contains nitrous oxide. Your whipped cream dispenser needs the whipping agent- N2O. The charger has a narrow end with a foil covering. You need to remove the covering to discharge the gas. The sharp pin in the cream dispenser helps in doing it easily.

N2O easily dissolves into your cream and prevents the cream from getting oxidize when it is inside the can. However, make sure that the fat content is at least 28% to get the whipped cream. With sugar and heavy cream, you can prepare the whipped cream. You may add colorings and flavorings to the cream.

When you open the cream dispenser’s valve, the interior high pressure turns out the cream solution. A variation in pressure may cause the formation of bubbles, and it will fluff up your cream.

How to use the cream charger-

While buying SSES cream whippers, you can find chargers inside the package. You can now check the steps to use the cream charger and other accessories to make your favorite whipped cream.

  • The first step is to clean every component thoroughly. Clean the gas cartridge, bottle, screws, and piping tip with cold water. Then, you can use a towel to dry them.
  • Unscrew the canister lid and insert any tip (tulip-shaped and straight) on the top of your cream dispenser. The head valve must be connected to the tip, and the gasket needs to be at the bottom section of the head.
  • You can pour some ingredients, like sugar, to make the cream flavorful. But, the content must not go beyond the fill line.
  • Take the holder to put the charger into it. The smaller end has to face upwards. Then, twist your charger holder until you can hear the hissing sound of the release of the gas.
  • Shake your dispenser slightly to blend the ingredients properly. Press the lever for dispensing the cream. You can shake it more when the cream is runny.In some cases, you may not find it easy to take out the cold cream. To solve the problem, you have to place your charger inside the refrigerator and try it again.    
  • The canister is now empty. You can press your bottle to discharge the remaining pressure. Take out your charger and use a small brush to remove the residue near the nozzle.

These are some steps to get the delight from the fluffiest cream. Both coffee shops and home kitchens use whipped cream chargers. You can now invest in the charger to take advantage of it.

How to Use SSES Whipped Cream Chargers? With Fixing Tips

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