Making perfect different kind of whipped cream with SSESGAS cream chargers: Soft, Medium, Firm, Peaks, Do whipped cream chargers expire?

Whip cream is one of the most crucial and delicious elements of the bakery. It garners the taste and beauty of several baked foods like cake, cookies, etc. The frosting of whipped cream helps make any food much yummier and more appealing. Several bakers also use whipped cream for savory dish garnishing. As whipped cream can be of different types, its uses also differ. Several types of whipped creams are suitable for different things. However, preparing these different types of whipped cream is a difficult task. It requires a lot of practice and preparation. Also, it is a time-consuming process. But what if we say you can make your whip cream easily in minutes? Yes, SSEGAS brings you cream chargers that can help make your desired whip cream just in a few minutes. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of whipped creams and their easy preparation with SSESGAS.

What are the ingredients of the whipped cream?

The whipped cream has mainly three types of ingredients: heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla extract. In the baker’s language, the heavy cream is also known as whipping cream. For making whipped cream, you can use granulated sugar and powdered sugar. Sometimes, the whipped cream can only be made of cream. It depends upon the type of dish you are preparing. For instance, savory dishes need only cream. On the other hand, sugar and vanilla are not preferable. Sometimes, the dish may require the replacement of vanilla flavor with a splash of peppermint.

Looking for Perfect Whipped Cream

The soft peak of whipped cream

You can use SSEGAS cream chargers for making soft peak whipped cream. To make this, you need to pull the charger from the load of the cream. This will create a point on the upper side of the whipped cream. After a few seconds, the point starts to come down and gets settled with the whole cream point. The peak may still be visible, but it won’t be standing out.

Get Soft Peak Whipped Cream

Medium peaks of whipped cream

The medium peaks of whipped creams form when you take the beater out but don’t let the point fold in itself completely. However, the point also doesn’t stand straight, and neither goes down. This creates a medium-level peak. You can use the SSEGAS cream charger to create whipped cream peaks. The medium-sized peaks have more track numbers on their cast than other types of peaks.

The firm peak of whipped cream

Next, we have the firm peak created by the SSEGAS cream charger. This type of peak stands straight, unlike the two others. As a result, it comes with a straight-out appearance that looks strong with clear visibility. These are also called stiff peaks.

How does the SSEGAS cream charger help in providing the perfect whipped cream?

The SSEGAS whipped cream charger comes with nitrous oxide gas which helps in making the suitable foam effect. This makes the whole cream puffier. You can also add different flavors with our cream charger as per your choice or the dish. It provides a great scope of experimentation to create the best-tasting food. Also, you can create odorless whipped cream with SSEGAS whipped cream chargers. It enhances the taste of the dish without hampering its fundamental elements.

Tips for good whipped cream with SSEGAS charger

SSEGAS cream charger offers a straightforward process of making whipped cream. You can literally prepare your whipped cream just in a few minutes by using the cream charger. Here, we share a few tips to make the best-whipped cream with our chargers.

  • The whipped cream comes out best when it’s kept cold. That’s why always keep it in the fridge before using it. Also, you can try keeping the cream charger cool.
  • Air is an essential element for making your whipped cream. SSEGAS cream charger makes sure you get enough of it with its swirling motion. However, you can also put the whisk with it for better airflow.
  • Balance the perfect whipping! Underwhipped cream, as well as overwhipped cream both, can destroy the whole texture. So make sure to whip it at perfect balance.
  • The whipped cream should be done on medium to high speed. This is the most suitable whipping speed.  

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