Select the right flavour Whipped Cream Chargers

We should consider personal preference while choosing the right flavour whipped cream charger. This is not only about flavour, but you should also think about the way you are going to use it. You may have different types of creams that may differ in tastes or flavours. This is all about the ingredients that are used in cream. People want to try different types of toppings and that is why flavours are important. You can find different options if you choose SSES whipped cream chargers.

Pineapple Flavor
Pineapple Flavor

Whipped cream chargers refer to the steel-based cartridge used to dispense whipped cream with professional precision. The cartridge filled with nitrous oxide makes it easier to create swirls of designs in cream. When the gas mixes with the cream, it dispenses heavy-duty cream. So, the whipped cream dispenser has high quality and super taste. To make the right selection of whipped cream chargers, you need to focus on the following factors:


It is important to check the material used for the construction of the dispenser. Choosing stainless steel or Aluminium is the right option as it avoids issues. Due to the lightweight of the materials, it becomes easier to carry them around. Such materials make good portable versions of the chargers that suit your need. Choose a dispenser made of materials that do not face the risk of rust and lasts for a long time. Such materials offer good value for money.

Size Of Dispenser

The whipped cream dispenser does not come in custom sizes. You have access to the product that allows a specific amount of cream to dispense. So, size may not become an issue when you choose whipped cream chargers.

 N20 Cartridge

Most people opt for a dispenser based on the nitrous oxide cartridge. Check its size before buying as it ensures you can buy a new nitrous oxide cartridge from a new brand when the current one you use becomes extinguished. You can choose a compatible one that fits right. Choose one that will work with the cheapest option in the market.

New Version SSES PRO strawberry cream chargers
New Version SSES PRO strawberry cream chargers

Nozzle or Tip

When you purchase a dispenser, buy one with multiple tips or nozzles. It is helpful when you plan to improve the dispersal quality of the whipped cream. You need to choose a dispenser that comes with at least two nozzles or tips. But it is not a bad idea to have more options.


You must choose a whipped cream dispenser that comes at a reasonable price. While it must dispense high-quality cream, it must not cost high. When you purchase the product, you must also consider the cost associated with buying cartridges in the future.

SSES fruity cream chargers
SSES fruity cream chargers


Buying a product that comes with a warranty from a reputed brand means you can get a product that offers a good experience without any hassles. It may not have any defect or the company replaces the defective part.


If you are looking for the best whipped cream charger, offers you the selection of Australia’s most reputed and largest brand. It gives you access to products that fulfill all your whipped cream demands. Get high-quality products from the reputed brand for working your magic in the kitchen.

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